Coverage and Service

Where does Amigo-US work?
The Amigo-US phone system works in over 100 countries worldwide. A full list of countries we service is available by using the destination drop down menu located at the top of all pages of this web site.

How does Amigo-US work?
The Amigo-US phone system works on almost all GSM networks worldwide. We have roaming agreements with the world's largest GSM networks which allows our phones to work on their networks. Once your phone is powered on upon arrival at your destination it will register with the best local network (default network) it can find and uses that network to place and receive phone calls.

How is the quality?
Excellent! GSM uses a 100% digital network to carry calls. In almost all metropolitan areas coverage is good. As you travel to more remote areas coverage will vary. As with any cellular network dead spots exist and Amigo-US cannot guarantee 100% coverage in those areas. In some cases you may be able to manually change the network your Amigo-US phone is connected to. Customer service can help you do this if needed, or you can consult your instruction sheet for specific instructions for your phone model.


How do I order a phone?
Orders are placed here on this website and accepted 24 hours a day. Click the ORDER TODAY tab above. Once the order is placed you will receive a confirmation e mail with the details of your order.

How soon should I order?
Phones should be ordered as early as possible; this will ensure enough time for proper shipping without the need to pay for express service. We recommend a minimum of 3 to 5 business days in advance though orders can be processed immediately and delivered as early as the next day.

When will I get my phone and number?
Phones will generally arrive three to four days prior to departure and will include you phone number. When your phone is shipped an e mail will be sent to you with your tracking information. You will also receive your Amigo-US phone number(s), attached will also be an e-mail form for you send to your acquaintances informing them of your trip and how to reach you.

How do I cancel my order?
Orders can be cancelled without penalty up to the point of shipment. Once your phone is shipped you will be responsible for shipping costs only. The phone(s) must be returned or postmarked within 48 hours to avoid additional fees.

Delivery and returns

How will you ship my Amigo-US phone?
Your Amigo-US phone will be shipped to you via one of the major shipping companies. Standard domestic shipping is between 1- 5 business days depending on your location. Express shipping is a 2 day service to most destinations. Next day delivery is available by special request and subject to additional costs. Delivery times vary and can be up to 7 PM. Please check with our customer service for specific delivery time concerns.

Can I pick up my Amigo-US phone?
Yes phones can be picked up at any of our offices or you can order and receive your phone from one of our authorized dealers. See the locations link above for specific locations.

Can you ship to an international address?
At this time Amigo-US is unable to ship phones to international addresses.

Can delivery be arranged at the airport?
Amigo-US can arrange delivery at any of the three metro NY airports for a fee. Please check the locations tab periodically for updates and additional airport pick up/ drop off locations.

How do I return my phone?
Phones must be returned to their pick up point or postmarked within 48 hours of your return to avoid late fess. Phones shipped from our office will include a prepaid return shipping label (shipping charges will be added to your invoice). Place the phone and accessories in the package, attach the return label and give to any UPS driver, UPS drop off box, or shipping outlet. You have the option to return your phone via any mail or courier service (at your cost); however you must obtain and notify us with a tracking number and insurance of no less than $100 USD.


How does the billing work? (World Phone)
The Amigo-US billing system operates on an auto recharge concept. Upon shipment of your phone your credit card will be billed for all fixed fees including rental, shipping and any set up fees for additional services (where applicable). A revolving credit line of $100 will be extended to you for your phone usage. As you use your Amigo-US phone and reach the credit limit your credit card will be charged in intervals of $100 for usage and your credit line will be automatically reset. Upon return of your phone a final charge will be made for any remaining usages and other fixed fees such as return shipping, late fees, extra rental, missing or damaged accessories. A full detailed bill will be sent to you upon return of the phone.

How does the billing work? (USA Phone)
Upon shipment of your phone your credit card will be billed for all fixed fees including rental, shipping and any set up fees for additional services (where applicable). Since all incoming and outgoing calls in the USA are included with your rental fee no domestic usage fees will be billed. International dialing service is available pre paid. When placing your order choose your international dialing plan and this amount will be added to the initial charge. You can purchase additional international air time by calling our automated system and from following the voice prompts. Upon return of your phone a final charge will be made for other fixed fees such as return shipping, late fees, and extra rental missing or damaged accessories.

What happens if my credit card is declined during my trip?
The Amigo-US billing system operates on an auto recharge concept; therefore your credit card must remain valid throughout your trip. If your card is declined during your trip your service may be interrupted. You must notify customer service if your card is no longer valid. Our automated system allows you to change your credit card at any time.

What is a credit card Authorization?
An authorization is different from a deposit in that the funds are not actually taken from the account. Your bank will place a hold on your funds in the amount of the authorization. Debit card accounts will show a deduction in cash, though Amigo-US does not receive the funds. Once the authorization is released, the funds are available to you. Authorizations are automatically released upon return of your phone.

What is a Security Deposit?
A deposit is an actual charge taken from your credit card account. The money will be held until your phone is returned and your final statement has been processed. When your final statement is processed, your credit card will be refunded or charged accordingly.

Instructions and Customer Service

How do I use my phone?
Click [HERE] for the instruction page to download, view or print the instruction card in PDF format.

How do I dial?
Note: All calls are considered international when dialing; you must follow these directions regardless if the call is local to where you are or to another country. Hold the 0 for two seconds, the 0 will become a +, now simply dial country code, city code and the number. (For example to dial the Amigo-US office press and hold the 0 when you see the + dial 17182585200, so i.e. +17182585200). The Amigo-US world phone works as a callback system, after dialing your destination, press the send button, there will be a 10-12 second delay, the phone will ring simply answer the call and you are connected.

What do I do if I need help or service?
One call connects you to our dedicated Amigo-US service line with English speaking technicians who are ready to assist you at all times by dialing 166 from your phone or +17182585200 from any phone. You can also e mail us at , please be sure to include the number of your Amigo-US phone and a number where you can be reached if your phone is not working.

What should I do if my phone is lost or stolen?
Dial 166 from any Amigo-US phone or +17182585200 from any other phone to report the phone lost and to suspend the service. You can also click [HERE], you will be asked to verify your info, and upon completion you will receive a confirmation number. Please retain this as proof of the suspension. Customers are responsible for all calls on the phone until the service is suspended.

Can I use my Amigo-US World Phone in the USA before I leave or after I return home?
Yes, however using your Amigo-US World Phone in the USA is rather expensive. Please check our rates page for specific call charges.

What is included with my rental phone?
Together with the phone we will provide you with the charger, appropriate adapter, belt clip, fanny pack and an instruction card. A car charger can be provided for no additional charge upon request.

Please read the full terms and conditions.