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Privacy Policy

Amigo-US is committed to a customer's rights to privacy. This statement will discuss all the relevant issues of your privacy while using our site including how information is gathered and used and what steps are taken to protect the information. The policy is subject to change; please check this page for updates.

Your Information

Amigo-US collects user information such as but not limited to name, address, phone number(s), e mail address, credit card details IP addresses and travel information. This information is used to provide services to you and in helping us market new products in relation to your profile. This information will not be sold or shared unless with your permission, where legally required or in certain instances as will be outlined herein.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small bits of data that are stored on your computer temporarily. This is not a virus or worm and is an industry accepted practice. The cookie allows us to pre fill certain information about your travel plans once ready to place an order. The cookie, is automatically destroyed once you close all browser windows which were opened while visiting our site. We do not use cookies to track any thing other than what is related to our site. However cookies will from time to time be used by us to offer you a product or service directly related to your choices made while on the site.

Links to other sites

Our web site contains links to other sites. Please Amigo-US is not responsible for the terms and policies of these companies and web sites. Please check with any new site you visit regarding their privacy policy.

Sharing your information

Unless specially noted we do not share, sell, trade or transfer your data with other companies. However we may employ outside firms to help intrepid the data collected to enhance our service, marketing and other related products. We reserve the right however to use the data in connection with outside service providers of products we will sell.

Security of sensitive information

Our web site is certified secure by using a 128 bit SSL key. This helps to pass sensitive date (for example: credit card information) using encryption software which makes the information unreadable to anyone outside of Amigo-US and its contractors. Please ensure that the browser you are using shows a key, lock or other accepted indication of the page being secure. However please be aware that any information passed through the internet can be 'hacked' and used by people without unauthorized. Notwithstanding the contained statement, Amigo-US does not guarantee the protection of your information sent through the internet.


Amigo-US sends e mails to customer regarding order placed. These e mails will contain your order confirmation, shipping details, phone number(s), welcome home, reminders about returning phones and other related information. We will also periodically send information about specials and offers. You may elect to opt out at any time.

How to 'Opt Out'

Part of the Amigo-US application process is the option to 'Opt Out' of receiving any e mails unrelated to your specific order. By selecting to Opt Out future correspondence will be related to your orders only. Amigo-US will also offer the option to opt out or change e mail preferences by contacting our offices, e mailing us, or logging into your account and changing the setting.

Changes to this policy

Our Privacy Policy is subject to change. However we are committed to keeping our customers updated to these changes. You can see all changes to this policy on this page as they are made available and will be noted for your convenience. We remain committed that any change will not effect previously collected information without explicit permission.

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