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Join the hundreds of satisfied students who enjoy Amigo's features and low prices.

You will not find a better phone, a better rate plan, better reception and better features than Amigo -- GUARANTEED!

• No added "plan" fees
• No access codes
• No gimmicks

Amigo Walkie Talkie is actually CHEAPER than text messaging (SMS) and you're TALKING!

One low rate to ANY land/cell phone in Israel, the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.!
9.9¢ any time 24/7

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Student "Talk Is Cheap" Rates:
Monthly Rate including insurance
(deductible applies)
Calls in Israel to any phone 9.9¢
International Calls to U.S./Canada/U.K. 9.9¢
US Number
Calls to a US number routed to your Amigo phone
Incoming Calls from anywhere in the world FREE
Push-To-Talk (Walkie Talkie) 3.5¢
Monthly Unlimited Push to Talk (optional) $4.99
Text Messages (Within Israel Only)
Intl Text Messages 19.9¢
Internet (per kilobyte)
Deposit $200
Shipping Standard
UPS - Signature Required.
Domestic USA only.
International destinations by request.
All rates are in USD. Rates are per minute and do not include VAT (16%) and NYS Tax where applicable. Insurance deductible $100 (minimum)
Minimum 6 months required
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